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Entertain outdoors with a BBQ pallet station

Summer may not be at its brightest in the UK, but there’s still time to fire up the BBQ before the cold and dreary weather sets in. Check out our latest blog for inspiration on how to create your own BBQ station and add a welcoming new feature to your garden. Whether you’re hosting an end-of-summer gathering or just want to relax with some good food and drinks, we’ve got the perfect pallet project for you, keep reading to find out more.

Why you need a designated BBQ area

Why would I need a specific space in the garden to BBQ you might ask, well we’ve got the answer. Having a designated BBQ area is important for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures safety while cooking outdoors. When using a grill or other cooking equipment, there is always a risk of fire or injury, but having a designated area for cooking can help minimise those risks.

Secondly, having a designated BBQ area allows for optimal outdoor entertaining. It creates a focal point for social gatherings and provides a convenient space for food preparation and serving. By having a designated area, it also helps to keep the rest of the outdoor space clean and organised.

Overall, a designated BBQ area is a great idea not only for safety but also to keep you and your guests happy at your next outdoor gathering.

Build your own BBQ pallet wood station

A great way to create your own space to BBQ and prepare food is with a BBQ station made from pallet wood. Whether you want to shelter your BBQ from the weather or prepare food before cooking up a storm a pallet wood station could be the answer you’re looking for.
Building something from pallets is a great option as pallets are easy to come by and lend themselves to recycling. Check out some of the best examples of BBQ stations we’ve found as inspiration to create your own designated BBQ area.

The ultimate grill master station

Image credit – Gavin Waite

The one with all the storage

Image credit – Creative Art

The Chef station

Image credit – Pinterest

The portal one

Image credit –

Pallets aren’t just great for creating the station itself, they are also perfect for decorating your BBQ station once it’s been built. Check out some example below;

Image credit – Etsy
Image credit – Pinterest

While pallets are perfect for constructing DIY projects like BBQ stations it’s important to source them from a reputable place to ensure they haven’t been contaminated or damaged in any way. Universal Pallets offers a range of pallets from brand new to reconditioned so you know you’re always getting the best quality materials. Shop for pallets now and get started on your BBQ project! Happy Grilling!

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