The Chussledorf- varied size smaller recon pallet

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Not quite a half-euro: Recon wooden pallets measuring 880mm x 620mm (NOTE: photo image not necessarily representative of current stock style)
A “Cheap Dussledorf”

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Product Description

These are recon wooden pallets measuring usually either 880mm x 620mm or 1000mm x 800mm or similar (a normal half-euro or “dussldorf-size” would be 800mm x 600mm)
A very economical alternative to half-euros if you don’t mind the slightly odd size- we recommend that you call ahead to double check current stock measurements

NOTE! New photo awaited: The photo is not an exact representation of current stock style- if this is important please call us on 0161 223 4427 for more information

We can provide heat treatment of any wooden pallet and you need this contact us on 0161 223 4427

Additional Information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 880 x 620 mm



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