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Tips On Surviving the Silly Season in Logistics
August 17, 2018

  That’s right, it’s August and we’re about to say the ‘C’ word! Chri… Christm… OK, we won’t say it just yet….

Surviving The Heatwave With Pallets!
July 26, 2018

  As if you didn’t know, it’s ROASTING here in the UK at the moment. This week we’re due to see temperatures…

Timber Prices – Update
July 26, 2018

  The timber market has reached an unprecedented milestone, timber prices have risen consecutively for 20 months as of July. The price…

17 Unusual, But Sensational, Pallet Craft Projects!
July 3, 2018

  Did you know there’s more to pallet craft projects than your typical pallet wall or coffee table? You can make almost…

Our Top 4 Pallet Durability Tips
June 26, 2018

  Like so many things, if you treat a pallet well, it will reward you with years of good service. If you…

Decorate your wedding with pallets
April 24, 2018

Decorating a wedding venue can not only seem a little overwhelming but it can also be a very expensive exercise, especially if…

Plastic Vs Wooden Pallets
April 21, 2018

Whilst wood still remains the most common material for traditional pallets to be made of, plastic pallets have become increasingly popular in…

Green Thumbs & Garden Pallets
March 14, 2018

We’ve made it everyone, Spring has officially SPRUNG! But those lighter mornings and evenings have us looking out on our gardens and…

Ultimate Guide To Pallet Sizes
March 6, 2018

  Grade A, Grade 2, Lightweight, Euro, Winged, Oversized, and the dreaded ‘Standard’.  The wide variety of names we have for pallet…

Timber Prices Are Rising,
Here’s What You Need To Know
February 21, 2018

  Currently the UK produces just under half of the timber used domestically, with the majority of the rest being imported from…