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The logistics industry and Brexit – what’s next?
January 15, 2019

  With only a few weeks to go until the Brexit deadline, parliament has just voted against the only Brexit deal we…

Upcycle This Christmas
November 24, 2018

  While we’re sure you’re all busy with the BlackFriday / CyberMonday weekend of pure Christmas shopping madness in the UK, we…

Plastic Alternatives For Warehouses
October 22, 2018

  As a nation, we’re working on reducing our plastic waste, having finally woken up and realised it’s everywhere and it’s going…

Pallet Requirements In The Event Of A No-Deal Brexit
October 22, 2018

  While the Government is still hoping for a good deal, and not a no-deal Brexit, Universal Pallets recently attended an NAPD…

AutumnWatch Pallet Projects
October 15, 2018

We’re super excited that this year, AutumnWatch is coming to us from the famed autumn wonderland that is New England in the…

Pallets On The Town
September 20, 2018

If you’re a Universal Pallets fan, you may well have noticed we have a fondness (nay, obsession) with pallet crafting and pallet…

Logistics Industry Guide To A No-Deal Brexit
September 16, 2018

While a Brexit ‘no-deal’ is still unlikely, it is a possibility. And in such an event all businesses need to be prepared,…

Pallet Garden Furniture Accessories
August 17, 2018

  If, like us, you absolutely love the pallet garden look, then this is the blog for you! We have collected together…

Tips On Surviving the Silly Season in Logistics
August 17, 2018

  That’s right, it’s August and we’re about to say the ‘C’ word! Chri… Christm… OK, we won’t say it just yet….

Surviving The Heatwave With Pallets!
July 26, 2018

  As if you didn’t know, it’s ROASTING here in the UK at the moment. This week we’re due to see temperatures…