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Key Resources for a No Deal Brexit
March 21, 2019

Well, we’ve reached the last stretch of March and we still don’t know what’s going to happen next in relation to Brexit….

No-Deal Brexit, Heat Treatment and ISPM15
March 14, 2019

Tonight the Government voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking a no-deal Brexit off the table. However this really hasn’t cleared up the…

SpringWatch Pallet Projects
March 14, 2019

  We’re taking a break from the Brexit headlines for half an hour to bring you a little joy today. Spring is…

Spring Cleaning? Pallets Can Help!
February 21, 2019

  The evenings are getting lighter and spring is right around the corner, so we’re already thinking about getting stuck into some spring cleaning…

Pallet Repair, Cost-Effective & Environmentally Friendly
February 5, 2019

  Brexit, the Timber Crisis, increasing operating costs; it’s no secret that businesses are under significant stress in 2019. One area you…

Pallet projects that make a difference
January 21, 2019

Pallet projects aren’t just for fun! There are plenty of ways in which pallets can be used to do good and help…

The logistics industry and Brexit – what’s next?
January 15, 2019

  With only a few weeks to go until the Brexit deadline, parliament has just voted against the only Brexit deal we…

Upcycle This Christmas
November 24, 2018

  While we’re sure you’re all busy with the BlackFriday / CyberMonday weekend of pure Christmas shopping madness in the UK, we…

Plastic Alternatives For Warehouses
October 22, 2018

  As a nation, we’re working on reducing our plastic waste, having finally woken up and realised it’s everywhere and it’s going…

Pallet Requirements In The Event Of A No-Deal Brexit
October 22, 2018

  While the Government is still hoping for a good deal, and not a no-deal Brexit, Universal Pallets recently attended an NAPD…