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How Do ‘Smart Pallets’ Work?
October 19, 2021

  Missing and delayed cargo are some of the supply chain industry’s trickiest issues. In fact, cargo theft is said to be…

Bonfire Night Pallet Safety
October 19, 2021

  It’s no secret that we Brits love a good bonfire, but a national lockdown meant last year’s Bonfire Night celebrations were…

Halloween Pallet Fun
October 4, 2021

  Boo! Oops, didn’t mean to scare you there… but with Halloween season looming, it’s time to start thinking about this year’s…

UK Timber Prices Soar As US Prices Drop
September 9, 2021

  US lumber prices have dropped to levels not seen since Nov 2020, but unfortunately the same cannot be said of the…

Pallet Garden Games
August 9, 2021

With a heatwave on the way and the kids on their summer holidays, we’re channeling home staycation vibes and planning all the…

Pallet Handling Techniques
July 23, 2021

  With pallets in short supply, caring for them has never been so important. Keep your pallets in tip-top shape to keep…

Delivery Times Delayed By Logistics Crisis In UK
July 7, 2021

Our industry is facing unprecedented difficulties at this time. In addition to the Timber Crisis, the entire UK logistics network is beginning…

Paint and Stain Finishes for Pallet Projects
June 9, 2021

Don’t get us wrong, we love the rustic finish of your typical pallet project. But we also know that sometimes you’re looking…

Timber Prices Set To Soar +30% for June and July
May 28, 2021

  A worldwide shortage of timber is leading to record high prices, having a knock-on effect on many industries, and unfortunately will…

Mini Farms – Big Impact
April 22, 2021

In March 2020 we were heading into our first lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was a surreal time of uncertainty;…

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