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Consider the impact: disposing of pallets

Being conscious of our environmental impact is vital across all businesses and all industries, but figures raise concern that our industries in particular are some of the biggest contributors, with the construction industry said to create 5 million tonnes of landfill waste and the logistics industry said to account for 9% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Wood makes up a large proportion of our industries’ waste and so, given that it’s such a sustainable and renewable material, we’re highlighting the ways in which you can dispose of your pallets responsibly and the benefits of doing so.

Disposing of your pallets responsibly

As we’ve mentioned above, wood is one of the most sustainable and renewable materials, which means that recycling is the ultimate way to responsibly dispose of any unwanted pallets. It can actually be a really cost-effective, easy and simple way to move away from landfill and skip disposal – and of course it’s better for the environment!

What are the benefits of disposing of pallets responsibly?

We’ve already touched on this briefly, but recycling your pallets (or selling them back to companies like us) has a whole range of benefits, not just for the environment but for your business too! Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages:

It can actually work out cheaper to recycle your pallets than hiring out a skip (especially as we’ll pay you for good quality pallets!)
It’s the most eco-friendly way to dispose of any unwanted pallets and helps to make your business more sustainable too
It can help make your business more appealing to potential customers
It can be more convenient, quicker and easier than sending waste to landfill

Universal Pallets’ pallet collection service

The most effective way that you can set up a recycling scheme for your wooden pallets is to use a collection service. Here at Universal Pallets, we know that every business is unique and so we tailor our collection service to suit your specific needs. We find that the more systematic the approach and the more tailored your solution is to your particular site, the more savings you’ll make!

Our team always go the extra mile for our clients, and we’re proud to be one of the few pallet companies that hold CHAS accreditation (as well as all the Environment Agency exemptions and licenses you’ll need). We also have our own Waste Carrier’s Licence and all of the necessary paperwork such as Waste Transfer Notes and Pallet Collection Notes will be dealt with in a prompt and correct manner.

Our pallet collection service can be set up in three simple steps:

1 – Begin to understand your requirements

Before you meet with us, it’s a good idea to start monitoring what sort of service you expect to need from us. For example, how many pallets will need collecting? And how often? Would you prefer pallets to be collected on a set particular day, or you simply call us when you need us?

2 – Arrange a site visit

Once you’ve got an idea on what you’d like your collection service to look like, simply arrange a site visit with one of our representatives. Our visits are free of charge and are taken with no obligation. Our representative will discuss your requirements in more detail, will get to know your business and its operations, and will provide you with an accurate quote.

3 – Set up your pallet collection programme

It’s as easy as that!

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, simply get in touch via email or by calling 0161 223 4427 to arrange your site visit. You can also find out more information via our pallet collection webpage and our pallet collection brochure, where you can read some case studies from businesses that are already making the most of our first-class service. Let’s better protect our planet, together.

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