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Back To School Pallet Projects

Before we know it the new school year will be here and the kids will be heading off back to the classroom. If you’re struggling to keep them occupied over the summer, why not get them involved in designing their very own back to school project? We’ve pulled together some awesome DIY pallet projects that will transform any space into a playful, cool and colourful study environment – you never know, it might even make homework fun!

Funky pallet desks

A desk can be an expensive piece of equipment to purchase and usually comes in a set size, meaning it can be hard to find one that makes full use of your chosen space. The great thing about making your own desk from pallet wood is that it’s a cheaper alternative and you can design it to fit your space perfectly. A standard desk, corner desk or even a fold-down desk – the options are endless! Get the kids involved in the design process and let them paint or decorate their new desk in their favourite colours. Utilise the crevices to store paper, pencils and other homework essentials, or attach some fairy lights to your desk to make it even more functional. You may want to cover the top side of your desk with either a plastic or glass top to make it easier to wipe and safer to use. 

If you’d really like to complete the look, why not have a go at making your own pallet chairs too?


A study space just isn’t complete without a chalkboard or whiteboard! Perfect for jotting down notes, revising or working out math puzzles, these pallet chalkboards are so easy to make and are sure to give you a few extra parent brownie points! You can make this as easy or as intricate as you like, personalising your board to suit your child’s favourite hobbies, colours or characters. If you’re going with the chalkboard idea, you have a few options in how you create the chalkboard itself: you could buy a readymade chalkboard, use chalkboard paint or chalkboard paper. Another option would be to create a magnetic memo board instead so that you have a handy place to store birthday invitations, project deadlines or even motivational quotes.

Pallet bookcases

The school reading list has arrived and the kids have come home armed with books, but where can you neatly store all of them? These pallet bookcases are an excellent way to organise and utilise your space! If you’re looking for a really easy and simple design, keep the pallets whole – the gaps between pallet slats are perfect for storing books in – and then simply paint and decorate the pallet as you see fit. If you’re short on space, you could make a wall-mounted book shelf instead.

Now, if only you had a lovely reading area for you and your child to sit and read together…

Reading area

… Well, now you can! These reading spaces, made from pallet wood, provide a lovely quiet space for your child to practise their reading. We especially love the teepee style designs, but either of these designs could be decorated with fluffy cushions, blankets, your child’s favourite cuddly toy and some fairy lights.

Desk accessories

If you have some pallet wood left over from some of your other back to school pallet creations, why not use them up by making a handy desk organiser? Create an easy and simple pencil pot (tutorial can be found here), desk organisers for other accessories or a wall-mounted organiser to store homework etc. If you’re a keen carpenter, you could have a go at making a kid’s desk lamp in the shape of your child’s favourite animal!


Educational yet fun, these clock ideas are a great way to get your child excited about learning how to tell the time. You could keep this project very simple and use single pallet slats glued together as the face of the clock or you could have a go at making a traditional circular clock. How you decorate is up to you – grab the paintbrushes, lollipop sticks, toys and stickers and let the kids get to work!

Safety first!

Safety is always paramount when undertaking a pallet project, but even more so when children are involved. Always make sure that your project is thoroughly sanded and varnished to avoid the risk of sharp edges or splinters and remember to source your pallets appropriately. Discarded pallets should never be used – they can contain hazardous substances or be dangerous to use – so be sure to source your pallets from a reputable pallet supplier.

To help get you started, visit our online shop where you’ll find various new and used pallets, which are all safe to use for your next project!

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