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Pallet Art: Time To Get Creative

There’s no arguing that wooden pallets are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of woodworking projects, but have you ever seen them transformed into stunning artwork? It turns out that many crafty woodworkers have designed some magnificent and inspiring pallet art creations – all you need are a couple of pallets, a few tools (usually a saw of some type and a sander) and your imagination.

Ready to give it a try? We’ve picked out a few of our favourite pallet art projects to help you channel your inner artist. And the best thing is, you can create literally any design you like – giving you a personal and unique masterpiece that’ll be admired by visitors to your home for years to come.

Wood Burning

Wood burning (also referred to as pyrography) is the art of burning shapes or letters into wood. It’s usually done with a special heated tool that looks a bit like a pen and can be found at most craft shops. The tool can be used to ‘draw’ a wide variety of designs – from fancy lettering or quotes to scenic landscapes, animals and even portraits! If you’re relatively new to wood burning, here’s a great guide that shows you the basics. 

In terms of pallet wood, this type of project is really simple – you can use either one slat of wood on its own, or attach a couple of slats together to give a larger surface. 

Painted Pallet Boards

This is another easy pallet art project that requires minimal tools to create a beautifully unique piece of art. Simply fix together several slats of pallet wood, grab a paintbrush and get stuck in! This project is also great for children to get involved in too – perhaps you might like to decorate your canvas with your family’s hand prints, a special quote or song lyric that’s meaningful to you, or seasoned artists might like to paint a memorable location or even a portrait of your family pet.

If you feel confident using the odd power tool, you could drill some holes in your wood canvas for some twinkly fairy lights to slot into, like the example above.   

Picture Pallets

There are a few options to decide between when it comes to picture pallet art. You could attach photo prints to your wooden pallet plaque to give a photo-frame style look or you could transfer an image onto your pallet wood in order to give more of a vintage look. Take a look at this blog for step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this. 

Whichever option you choose, you can create a lovely montage by dotting a few of these across your wall space!

Embroidered Or String Pallet Art

We have to say – this idea is one of our favourites! It requires minimal woodworking skills yet the end result is just magnificent. If you’d like to go for the embroidered look (like the first image above) then you’ll need to pick a template, drill holes into your wood and then feed the material through the holes. You can find a full list of required objects here.

If you’d prefer to use string to create your design then you’ll again need to draw out your template, but then hammer in nails along the edges of your shape at regular intervals. After this, you can then begin weaving your string amongst the nails – it’s just like dot to dots! Again you can find further helpful tips and guidance via this blog.

The opportunities are endless for this type of project. You can choose a simple and straightforward design or really put your string-work to the test by choosing an intricate pattern.

All The Angles

Experienced woodworkers or those who feel confident using a selection of power tools – you’re up! For these types of designs, you’ll most likely need a jigsaw, drill and a sander, depending on the shape you decide to make. Squarer shapes will obviously be easier to cut, but the examples above provide inspiration on just how far you can take this type of pallet art.

Want a top tip on how to give your pallet art the wow factor? Try adding a backlight to it like these examples here!

3D Pallet Art

If you like your artwork to be multi-functional, this is a great project for you. Give your artwork a 3D element by using it to display flowers, house plants or candles. You’ll most likely need a drill for these types of designs in order to fit the attachments for your items but again it depends on what your invention entails – so get your creative cap on!

Safety First!

We know you’ll be eager to get started on your pallet art project, but first let us remind you about the importance of never using a discarded pallet or one with an unknown history – it will have been discarded for a reason and could be damaged or contaminated. Therefore, make sure you source safe pallets from a reputable company (such as us!). Take a look at our online shop where you’ll find a variety of pallets that are safe for use.

If you’re a woodworking newbie and are unsure about taking pallets apart, you’re in luck! We also sell loose pallet boards in bulk, making your pallet project even easier. We’ll also deliver your pallets to you, usually within 2-5 working days – giving you just enough time to dust down your tools, dig out your sketchbook and get designing!

Finally, don’t forget to share your creations with us on our social media channels so we can celebrate them and show them off to the world. We really can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you!

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