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Pallet disposal across multiple sites: how to save time and money


Many of our customers manage pallet disposal across multiple sites – sometimes even hundreds of sites, each with their own requirements – so we understand the challenges of waste management on such a large scale.

Universal Pallets work with these multi-site businesses to help drive down costs, reduce waste and save time. We can often pay for pallets (this very much depends on the quality and quantity) and even if the pallets are beyond repair, we can most often collect them for a fraction of the cost of hiring skips.


Multi-Site Collections

When it comes to multi-site collections, we can even set up a unique ordering desk that allows you to email every time a collection is needed. You’d have one point of contact for the whole company and – if it’s chargeable – we’d invoice you on whatever schedule works for you: daily, weekly or monthly. If we are paying you a rebate, we’ll make sure that we process your invoices quickly and pay within your payment terms.

We work hard to make the process as painless as possible – that’s why we’re already the trusted pallet partner for so many waste disposal companies and multi-site businesses across the country.


How It Works: A Case Study

“Universal Pallets® have made our job easier overall, through efficient planning and providing a nationwide service to meet our needs. We would definitely recommend them.”


A large retail company had the following challenges:

  • Multiple sites spread across the UK
  • All sites had different pallet issues and methods of disposal
  • Different pallet types required at different sites
  • Lack of accurate paper-trail or reporting
  • Poor quality pallets were being discarded, creating a waste problem


We provided a ‘cradle to grave’ solution:

  • We visited each site to fully understand the requirements
  • We created a nationwide clearance project to remove scrap/broken pallets
  • Established an email/call system for collection and delivery
  • Provided fully recorded and assessed service leading to full monthly reporting
  • One-point contact at Director level
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Waste transfer documentation


Contact us today to talk about pallet disposal across your sites and get an initial quote, or download our brochure to find out more about what we could do for your business:

Pallet Collection Brochure

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