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DIY Projects For Summer Wildlife

As summer approaches, there are lots of ways you can support wildlife using trusty pallets and other recycled and recyclable materials. Even the smallest gardens can play host to a whole host of wildlife habitats. So what can you do to help nature thrive in your outdoor space? 


Create A Water Source

A place to drink is important for birds, butterflies, bats, hedgehogs and bees in the hot summer months, so creating even a small water source in your garden can be a real blessing. Here are a few simple and low-cost ideas:


1. Water Area for Bees and Butterflies


2. DIY Pond Box (tap or click image for instructions – why not try this with pallets?)

pond box


3. Bird Bath Fountain (with a little area for bees too!)

Of course, if you wanted to go one step further and build a pond in your garden, you’ll be providing a safe haven for all sorts of plants and animals! There’s lots of advice on building a pond on the RSPB website


Food Glorious Food!

It’s not just people who enjoying munching out in the garden in the sunshine! Here are some lovely and cost-effective options for feeding birds and butterflies this summer:


1. Teapot Bird Feeder (tap or click image for instructions)

teapot pallet feeder


2. Hanging Butterfly Feeder


3. Traditional Pallet Wood Bird Feeder (tap or click image for instructions)

bird feeder


4. Simple Coconut Hanging Bird Feeder (tap or click image for instructions)

coconut bird feeder


And let’s not forget our pollinators! Fill your balcony, patio or garden with their favourite plants and leave the rest to them. Here are some great DIY pots and containers you could use:


5. Upcycled Glass Jars, Toilet Roll, Paint Cans And More! 


6. Pallet Collars as Raised Beds (tap or click image for instructions)

pallet collars in italian style garden


7. Spruced Up Plant Pots (tap or click image for instructions)

painted plant pots


Space To Shelter

In the summer, bees and other insects need cool, shady spots to rest and hide. Bug hotels are traditionally built in the autumn because there’s such a wealth of natural materials lying around, but there are still plenty of ways to build some 5 star accommodation for creepy crawlies ready for the summer! Here are a few of our favourites:


1. Fancy Vertical Bee Hotel (tap or click image for instructions)

bee hotel


2. House Shaped Bug Hotel 


3. Bug Mansion (tap or click image for instructions)



Happy crafting from all of us here at Universal Pallets! As always, we’d love to see your photos. Send us your projects in progress or finished and we’ll feature them on social media – let’s inspire more wildlife projects this summer! 

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