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Pallets for Pets

We are a nation of pet-lovers, from the furry to the feathery! They shower us with so much affection and bring so much joy to our lives, they surely deserve to benefit from our pallet crafting skills too.


So here are some of our favourite ideas for pet pallet projects. Remember to buy pallets for your pet projects; don’t risk using a discarded pallet you’ve found along the way, as you don’t know its history – it could be dangerous for the animals.


Dog Beds

We’re starting with a classic. You can craft something really individual for your dog, something to suit their own personality. Just look at these happy pups in their pallet beds:

pallet dog bed recycled-pallet-dog-bed (1) upcycled-pallet-dog-bunk-bed amazing-recycled-pallet-dog-house

Create One Yourself

Here are some of the instructions we’ve found online:


Chicken Coops

More and more people are getting chickens, as part of their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. You can save yourself money by building your own DIY chicken coop along the way, giving your chickens a safe, cozy place to live:

chicken coop chicken-coop chicken-coop chicken-coop


Create One Yourself

Here are some of the instructions we’ve found online:


Hay Feeders

Pallets are sturdy enough to use for hay feeders, keeping your horses, goats or other outdoor animals happy: Recycled-Pallets-Hay-Feeder 88eaf47c93e51b259d64fbd0daa385dd wood-pallet-horse-feeder

Create One Yourself

Here’s a set of instructions we found online:


Cat Trees

You could keep your feline friends entertained without spending a fortune with pallet-based climbing units. We think some of these are just purr-fect:

f9d5450b81810752e24c34bd255a2dec Pallet-Creation6 87af2cc507993c8023955b46da5921fc Kit-for-cats-made-with-pallets-4

Create One Yourself

Here’s a set of instructions we found online:


We hope you and your pets enjoy these pallet projects together – it’s not only wildlife that can benefit from your crafting skills! Remember to send us photos of the finished results @UniversalPallets, so we can share and inspire more people to get crafting.

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