Key Resources for a No Deal Brexit

The continued uncertainty around Brexit is causing significant challenges for UK businesses, but the most disruptive scenario (and the default still, should a deal not be agreed) is a No Deal Brexit. So we’ve gathered together all the resources we can find for the event of a No Deal, giving you as many answers as possible and helping you prepare.


Don’t forget that you can give us a call anytime for a free review of your EU-bound pallet schedule. We can advise you on the process upgrades you may need to have in place to ensure a continuous supply. We can supply heat treated, stamped pallets as well as national pallets, and pallet collection or recycling.


External resources

Forestry Commission: Implications of leaving the EU without a deal on plant health controls on importing and exporting wood, wood products, isolated bark and wood packaging material [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Forestry Commission: Different Import Scenarios for Wood, Wood Products and Bark under a no deal EU exit arrangement [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Government overview: What to expect on day one of a ‘no deal’ scenario: Importing and exporting plants and plant products  [DOWNLOAD HERE]


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Posted by Universal Pallets at March 21, 2019

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