Key Resources for a No Deal Brexit

Well, we’ve reached the last stretch of March and we still don’t know what’s going to happen next in relation to Brexit. The uncertainty alone is causing significant challenges for UK businesses, but the most disruptive scenario (and the default still, should a deal not be agreed in the coming weeks) is a No Deal Brexit. So, we’ve gathered together all the resources we can find for the event of a No Deal, giving you as many answers as possible and helping you prepare.


Don’t forget that you can give us a call anytime for a free review of your EU-bound pallet schedule. We can advise you on the process upgrades you may need to have in place to ensure a continuous supply. We can supply heat treated, stamped pallets as well as national pallets, and pallet collection or recycling.


External resources

Forestry Commission: Implications of leaving the EU without a deal on plant health controls on importing and exporting wood, wood products, isolated bark and wood packaging material [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Forestry Commission: Different Import Scenarios for Wood, Wood Products and Bark under a no deal EU exit arrangement [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Government overview: What to expect on day one of a ‘no deal’ scenario: Importing and exporting plants and plant products  [DOWNLOAD HERE]


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Posted by Universal Pallets at March 21, 2019

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