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Spring Cleaning? Pallets Can Help!


The evenings are getting lighter and spring is right around the corner, so we’re already thinking about getting stuck into some spring cleaning and organising. Yes that’s right, we’re channelling our inner Marie Kondo!

Soap bubbbles floating above spring flowers


So it’s time to have a clear out and a straighten up. ‘What on earth’, we hear you ask, ‘do pallets have to do with spring cleaning?!’

Well thanks for asking. Pallets can help you with garden storage, home organisation and they look great doing it too! All of the following pallet projects can be made at home using a little woodworking know-how and the right tools. But please remember that discarded pallets might not be safe, ensure you’re not bringing any hazardous materials into your home or garden by buying new or reused pallets from Universal Pallets – a pallet with a documented history is a safe pallet!


Spring Cleaning In The Garden, Shed or Garage


Multi-purpose garden storage

Garden storage solutions made with pallets can be multi-functional, here are a few of our favourites.

Gardening tool storage that doubles as a potting table

Fold away garden tool pallet table


Pallet bin stores

Keep those wheelie bins tidied away and out of sight with a pallet bin store



DIY addict pallet storage

Organise your tools neatly on the wall, no more looking for that power drill or spanner, they’re organised and even your tools will thank you by staying in better shape for longer

pallet diy tool shelving  Pallet tool storage 


Green-fingered pallet storage

And if you’re a gardening addict, you can use pallets to keep your gardening equipment organised, accessible, and in good shape

gardening tool pallet storage

Pallet bike storage

Kids brand new bikes in a pile in the garden? Or are you tripping over them in the garage? We hear you, pallets are here to save the day

pallet bike rack

Spring Cleaning In The House


Beautiful, creative pallet shelves

Pallet shelves are not a new idea, however, beautiful and creative pallet shelves are totally up our street. Here’s some inspiration

pallet jewellery organiser  chunky pallet shelving 

rustic pallet shelf  pallet shelf with fold down desk

pallet shelving on wall  Creative pallet book shelf  



Pallet laundry solutions

Laundry can get the best of us at the best of times, sometimes it seems like clothes just want to live in a pile in the corner, doesn’t it? Well pallets can help, check out these pallet laundry helpers

 5c070838c257a9f36257f79aa86eebe4  pallet-laundary-hamper


Tidy your hallway with pallets

Shoes, coats, keys and then a whole list of misc items tend to live in the hallway, organise them with these genius pallet solutions

trendy pallet hallway storage   Pallet hallway coat rack and shoe rack

rustic pallet coat rack  Pallet key and post storage


Pallet Perfect Kitchen

Is there such a thing as too much kitchen storage? No, we don’t think so either. From herbs to pots and pans to organising all the stuff that lives in the one ‘random kitchen stuff’ drawer we all secretly have

 pallet pot and pan rack  pallet kitchen utensil storage

pallet kitchen storage  pallet cup and glass shelf


If you decide to organise your home with pallets this spring we’d love to see the results! Don’t forget to snap a photo and send it to us so that we can help you show off your hard work on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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