Pallets On The Town

If you’re a Universal Pallets fan, you may well have noticed we have a fondness (nay, obsession) with pallet crafting and pallet art. With a firm belief that our pallets should go on to do great things that make people happy once their careers in logistics are over, seeing a project like Pallets On The Town really speaks to our pallet-obsessed souls.


Pallets On The Town bar at the event


Well a few like-minded pallet fans in Campbellford, Canada have just celebrated their second annual Pallets On The Town event on the 4th August. At the heart of the event is a competition, to win you must enter a piece made from pallets in your choice of the following categories:

  • Art
  • Garden Decor
  • Home Decor
  • Furniture
  • Fan Favourite


The event also gives local green businesses the opportunity to reach out to environmentally conscious consumers, with vendors selling upcycled items to visitors.

And for visitors there’s more, activities such as Giant Jenga, Pallet Dominoes and magicians are all on-hand to ensure visitors have a fun-filled pallet day out.


This Year’s Winners

Art – Janice Bell

Garden Decor – Doug and Beth Fillier

Home Decor – Cindi Lemore

Furniture – Cathy’s Crawling composters of Brandford

Fan Favourite – Brooke Taylor


And here are some photos of the brilliant entries from the 2018 competition.
pallet backgammon game set

painted wooden flower design madefrom pallet wood

a working pallet water wheel

pallet bird boxes

pallet archway

giant jenga game

rustic pallet wood door

pallet wood rocking horse

A toy airplane made from pallet wood


Credit for all photos goes to the Pallets On The Town team, who have kindly let us use them in this blog. You can take a look at the Pallets On The Town website here, or follow them on Facebook.

Posted by Universal Pallets at September 20, 2018

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