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Universal Pallets®: A First For Everything

We have a brand new website!

Universal Pallets® are very proud to be the First and Only pallet Company to:

  • Sell reconditioned (and new) pallets online- check out our PalletShop
  • Introduce PalletPay™- Sometimes you need pallets that are not on the
    • PalletShop or at different quantities & prices. PalletPay™ is a payment method developed by us to make it easier for you – and it means you get your pallets quicker
  • Receive and maintain CHAS accreditation – A very stringent independent Health &Safety Audit system
  • Offer a sister website for those customers who don’t need our more commercial Pallet Collection & Management service

We are really pleased with our new website and would like to thank 22Group Ltd for their hard work.

And finally… We at Universal Pallets® understand that you want us to communicate with you and advise you as well as just sell and/or collect pallets. From time to time we will be blogging about industry news, and all things pallets.

If you would like to receive our News, please let us know.

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss your needs with us, please use the following contact details or send us a message via the contact form.

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